Amazon Choice vs. Best Seller Badge | How To Earn Them?

Once there was a time when the leading companies dominated the business industry. But now, with the introduction of e-commerce, the business industry has been accessible to anyone ranging from small-scale sellers to large ones. Business platforms like Amazon have always been for finding the best product of your choice online and meeting the customers for the sellers. The point, Amazon has helped both buyers and sellers by being a bridge between them as a platform where both parties meet their needs.

If you have ever surfed Amazon to find products, you might have seen the products with Amazon Choice Badge and Best Seller Badge. What are they? It’s interesting to know many sellers crave these badges on their products by hook or crook, but how do you get them? We have got the answers.

Amazon Choice and Seller Badges come with a lot of back work and recognition. There are several factors impacting on to get the Amazon Choice or Seller Badge on the platform. But how to get recognized? Does your product need to be a popular one? Quality one? Or both at once? You can understand the difference between Amazon Choice and Best Seller Badge once you deeply analyze the product and its impacting factors. We will discuss what differentiates each badge from the others and their unique benefits depending on your situation.

Let’s start with Amazon Choice badge and how it impacts your business when it appears in your product listing on the platform.

What Is Amazon Choice Badge?

Amazon Choice Badge indicates the quality of products and services you convey through the platform. A stamp of approval from Amazon guides buyers to find the right product quickly. This badge of honor is given to the products based on price, availability, minimum sales return, customer reviews, and many more.

A crucial distinction of Amazon Choice is that it does not require any specific requirements from the seller’s end. It is based on the set of benchmarks set by Amazon. Nevertheless, these benchmarks can fluctuate over time regarding market conditions and competition.

Amazon Choice Badge helps customers find the right product in a handy way.

To get Amazon Choice Badge on your product listing, your product must have high customer ratings and reviews. In contrast, other factors like delivery time, minimum sales returns, and prices might adversely affect getting this badge of honor from Amazon. Most importantly, your product must be in stock on Amazon, which is the platform’s crucial benchmark.

As a whole, Amazon Choice Badge depends on the quality of the product and customers’ trust in it, not necessarily on its popularity.

How to Earn the Amazon Choice Badge?

While many sellers crave to get Amazon Choice Badge on their listed products on the platform, they need to know that the products they sell via Amazon should meet specific benchmarks. The first thing is the quality of the product and the customer’s trust in you. You will need to be emphasizing factors like availability, pricing, and customer reviews. As mentioned earlier, your product must be in stock and should have a minimum sales return. It is because Choice Badge is a recommendation tool that helps customers find your product and increase your sales. In addition, the listed product should meet at least one of Amazon’s other criteria.

To give yourself the best chance of earning an Amazon Choice badge, you should:

Excellent Customer Service With Fast Shipping Times

While selling your products on Amazon, you should focus on providing the best customer service to your customers. You can build and boost your brand visibility and trust with the best customer service. It directly plateaus your sales on the platform. This is the first criterion you should meet to earn Choice Badge.

In addition, your shipping time also impacts your sales. The longer time invested in shipping your items to the customers, the less probability of earning an Amazon Choice Badge.

Make Use of Amazon FBA for Order Fulfillment

Use the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) service to manage your order fulfillment. FBA helps in fast and reliable shipping, meeting the value of customers. Many consider FBA as one of the main ways to solve the fulfillment process, and with the e-commerce industry in your palm, FBA serves as a handy solution to your interest.

Keep Your Product in Stock or Offer Replacement Options 

Your product should be in stock on the Amazon platform to help your customers buy it if they find it handy. Also, if any items are sold out, offer replacement options. Keep your marketplace updated so that you will have enough products.

Have Product Reviews of A Minimum of 3-4 Stars

Customer’s trust in you is the most crucial factor to earning Amazon Choice Badge. Businesses can only score outstanding sales with customers on their side. You have to earn customers’ trust; the only way to do so is by providing quality items and fast shipping times.

So if you earn a minimum 3 to 4 stars customer review on your listed products, Amazon recognizes you as a trusted seller on the platform. This will help you gain Amazon Choice Badge easily.

Keywords Management Strategies Reflecting Your Product

When customers surf Amazon to buy any product, they come up with a keyword search to find the expected results. Your product must have leading search results to help customers’ purchase momentum. This is why you should have your product listing with keywords and descriptions that reflect your product. Also, the description should include information about your items.

Use relevant keywords that customers are searching for on Amazon. Long-tail or phrase keywords are recommended to meet your expectations and will surely help you earn Choice Badge.

Run Sales And Promotions To Attract More Customers

You should always develop sales strategies to uplift your sales on Amazon. These strategies may include discount and deal offers on the items you enlist. This will make the scenario of your shop established at a competitive price. Ensure you have creativity and confidence in ROI (Return On Investment) while advertising your products on Amazon.

Although these tips won’t guarantee you an Amazon Choice badge, they can certainly give you an advantage over your competitors. Earning either badge is a great way to boost visibility and sales, so trying and getting them is worth the effort.

Other Factors Contributing to an Amazon Choice Badge

Optimized Listing

Optimized listing refers to your product being listed with high-quality images and key product features. Needless to say, specific keyword-based titles will help your product’s optimization.

Top Seller

The enlisted product on Amazon should be one of the top sellers in its category. If your product comes out to have the highest sales rate in the designated category, it will be eligible for Amazon Choice Badge.

Amazon Prime Eligible

Your product can get Amazon Choice Badge if only it is eligible for Amazon Prime.

Benefits of Earning the Amazon Choice Badge

Needless to say, earning Choice Badge will pour you many benefits that can increase your business. As the badge represents an endorsement from Amazon, it adds credibility to your listed product. It can also boost sales as customers will likely trust it is a good buy.

Plus, customers are likely to perceive your product as Amazon recommended over other similar items in the same category. It will automatically build trust in your product. Here are some of the benefits that you can gain from earning an Amazon Choice Badge:

Increased Sales

Since your product will be an endorsement from Amazon, customers will likely trust you more than other products of the same category. Potential buyers will perceive the recommendation from Amazon at higher rates than usual, boosting your sales. It will attract organic traffic to your listed items on the platform and increase the conversion rate, which means you can make more sales than average.

Brand Trust

When Amazon gives you Amazon Choice Badge on your product, it means your credibility has something unique and original. Not only this, it means you have passed every benchmark Amazon sets to fulfill customers’ needs smoothly. With this, customers will likely trust your product over others, although they might come with the same credentials, not with the badge.

Brand Visibility

Amazon Choice Badge will draw more attention to your items on Amazon. With the endorsement noted, Amazon will suggest your things to the buyers, increasing visibility. It ultimately upgrades your sales and revenue.

When it comes to visibility, products with Choice Badge will appear at the top of the search results. Customers find putting your items on their cart from the top listings and the attached badge handy.

Finally, having an Amazon Choice badge gives you an edge over similar products since customers might want to spend less time comparing products before they purchase something they need quickly.

What Is the Amazon Best Seller Badge?

Amazon Best Seller Badge is a recognition badge given to those products that have scored best in selling products in specific categories. It mainly depends on the products’ sales performance, customers, reviews, shipping speed, availability, and other factors. If you are up for scoring the Best Seller Badge on Amazon, it might take a few weeks to months, depending on how you build sales and reviews.

As you can tell, earning an Amazon Best Seller Badge can be hard and quite fierce. We all know it takes work to reach the top of Amazon ranking. But here are some tips that may help you in your journey to the top:

  • Offer competitive pricing through discounts and coupons.
  • Stay active on Amazon with reviews and updates.
  • Advertise your product on other platforms like social media or blogs.
  • Respond promptly to customer questions and concerns.
  • Optimize product listings with relevant keywords and descriptions.

How to Earn the Best Seller Badge?

As mentioned above, earning a best seller badge can be challenging, but it does not mean that you can earn the badge. Your product should perform well in terms of sales within its category. But how can you make your products work well on Amazon? Here are some suggestions:

Customer Feedback

Customer reviews and feedback are significant aspects of knowing how your product performs. It is one of the crucial aspects that Amazon tracks to get you the Best Seller Badge. Customer feedback builds brand visibility and trust and if you are doing well, it’s better. It will eventually help you boost your sales and revenue.

Fast Shipping

Fast shipping is another crucial factor in earning you Amazon Best Sellers Badge. Amazon tracks your delivery time and the customer’s satisfaction with shipping time. With the great response upon the shipping time, you will have a green flag to earn Amazon Best Seller Badge.

Boost Your Sales Via Promotion

You can boost your sales via promotion – actively promote your products through several advertising campaigns. Offer several deals and discounts on your product, so people will be eager to buy your product. It helps create more sales in your designated category, which is required to earn Amazon Best Seller Badge. However, ensure your pricing is competitive and create a working strategic plan for your Amazon business.

Increase the Visibility of Your Products

Increase the visibility of your products through targeted ads and search engine optimization (SEO). Ensure that people can find your products when searching for them online. 

Focus In Product Optimization

The ultimate goal of product optimization is to create visibility. Use high-quality images, alt-text, descriptions, and keyword-based titles, while placing your product on Amazon. We recommend you use long tail or phrase keywords for better results.

Benefits of Earning the Best Seller Badge

Earning Amazon Best Seller Badge will ultimately help you boost sales and revenue. The best seller badge also serves many other benefits. Here are some of the top ones:

Fewer Competitors

Any brand with Amazon Best Seller Badge earns more credibility and trust score keeping themselves apart from the standard products on the platform. This badge helps to increase buyers’ confidence in your brand, and since your product appears on the top of search pages, you will have fewer competitors than average.

Increased Credibility

Your product credibility matters in sales on any platform; it goes the same on Amazon. It is one of the primary advantages that the best seller badge serves as many customers will look for the badge to help them decide on buying their needs. Thus, it helps in your sales conversions and enables you to uplift your revenue.

Increased Visibility

Like Amazon Choice Badge, Best Seller Badge is also an endorsement from Amazon. As the platform endorses your product, it increases visibility when customers search for their needs. Amazon will keep your items on the priority list if you have a Best Seller Badge and they come in higher search results. So whenever a customer comes to buy products on Amazon, they will see your product on the top, helping your sales and revenue. 

Improved Brand Reputation

Best Seller Badge will give the sellers a reputation and pride since the customers are more likely to trust your brand. The badge assures customers that they are buying quality products on the platform. In simple terms, the badge is social proof that can help reinforce the positive attitude of customers toward your brand.

How Long Does Amazon Choice And Best Seller Badge Last?

For your preliminary information, Amazon Best Seller Badges can be obtained and lost every hour. Since the algorithm refreshes every hour, there will be considerable fluctuations over the badge.

There’s a lot of competition in earning these badges, and if other sellers already beat your product sales rate in your category, you might lose the badge and have to earn it again. Make your sales more than others and keep being at the top, and your Best Seller Badge will be secured.

When it comes to earning Amazon Choice Badge, it is the same as the Best Seller Badge. You must dominate the search results with relevant keywords and optimize your product listing on the platform.

Lastly, Amazon Choice and best seller badges do not have a duration and can be lost at any time.


The only clear thing is that earning either an Amazon Choice badge or a Best Seller badge requires understanding what Amazon looks for in the products it recommends and sells. Amazon Choice criteria are incredibly complex and ever-changing, while the Best Seller badge requires a maintained level of sales to compete.

Whether you want to earn an Amazon Choice badge or a Best Seller badge, it is essential to research, know what Amazon looks for in its products, and actively monitor your ranking and sales. 

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