BLUEFACE Shares Picture of Baby Son’s Genital Hernia On Twitter

After posting a photo of his newborn baby’s genitalia and calling Chrisean Rock out on Twitter for their son’s hernia, rapper Blueface enraged almost every internet user.

The 26-year-old American rapper and his friend Chrisean Rock became parents to a baby boy named Chrisean Jesus Malone Jr. Before, the two were a couple, but they’ve since broken up. Fans are well aware that the ex-couple never misses a chance to make the other look bad on Twitter.

Blueface, however, may have gone too far when he complained about his baby mama while posting a picture of their infant son’s genitalia.

BLUEFACE Shares Picture of Baby Son’s Genital Hernia On Twitter

Blueface once tweeted, “This what my son dk looks like and she’s worried about me and lil baby ct like bih get our son c**t right then do what you want.” The message has since been deleted.

The rapper added a picture of the infant boy’s genitalia to go with his message. “[…] Baby still ain’t had the surgery for his hernia,” he continued. He then unleashed a tirade of tweets on Chrisean.

Twitter users were upset by the image. Many users criticized Blueface for posting the image, and others came out against Chrisean.

Twitter in furor after rapper’s tweet

“Wtf, the baby is already in pain, and he’s just arrived. Someone please take the infant, shouted one outraged fan.

One person responded to Blueface’s obscene photo by saying, “This is sick.”

Another follower expressed his opinion, saying, “Idc who is clout chasing, but Blueface posting a picture of his NEWBORN BABY’s private area or medical condition is SO SO f**king wrong on ALL levels.”


“That hernia seems to hurt a lot! I hate this, oh, for that baby,” a second person remarked.

One more follower commented, “That infant is in anguish. That image of the baby’s hernia that Blueface uploaded is very depressing. Please contact CPS.

Blueface and Chrisean Rock’s online feud is still on

On Monday, September 25, Blueface accused Chrisean in a series of tweets of not treating their baby’s hernia issue seriously. In a tweet, he claimed that when he arrived for his son’s surgery, the physicians informed him that he was two days late for the scheduled appointment. The rapper ascribed the missed appointment on Chrisean.

In response to individuals who questioned his decision online, he said, “Haven’t seen rock make one move or decision right by the baby but you want to be mad at me for telling the truth.”

Chrisean soon revealed her side of the tale. On social media, the Keep Swimming singer accused her child’s father of lying. Blu is aware that his surgery appointments are already scheduled.

She further claimed that he had used his tweets to try to have her kid taken away.

She also shared screenshots of her conversations with Blueface, demonstrating how amicable their recent interactions had been.

Blueface, according to Chrisean, was fine up to the point when he needed to enter their child’s name to book a flight.

“So what I just tweeted was proof of me and Blue being cool and him booking me and my kid a flight to come back home from Baltimore after his doctor’s appointment then all of a sudden when booking “Chrisean Jr ” he went to a dark side and when I told him I’m not doing milf music he said bet,” she added.

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