Darius Jackson Net Worth | Relationship With Keke Palmer

  • Darius Jackson net worth is $500,000. He serves as a fitness guru at Inspire Fitness Studio, where he cashes out an incredible range of earnings.
  • Darius earned a football scholarship to Fresno State University a few years back. In addition, he also worked as a sports media personality, having earned a certificate in broadcasting.
  • Darius is currently dating the American actress Keke Palmer, with whom he initially went through a pile of harsh comment threads regarding her outfit. They have a son named Leodis “Leo” Andrellton.

Darius Jackson net worth comes in six figures. Rejoicing over Five Hundred Thousand Dollars in his account, the footballer-turned-fitness instructor has pursued a multi-dimensional career for years. Likewise, his vocation in the sports media has hyped his prominence to the next level.

Apart from his career, Jackson is well-known for his romance with the “Nope” actress Keke Palmer. The duo have been together for a couple of years and are undoubtedly over the moon with their relationship.

Darius Jackson Net Worth 2023 | How Rich Is Keke Palmer’s Partner?

Darius Jackson has pocketed a whooping net worth of $500,000, thanks to his career as a fitness instructor.

Currently, Jackson serves as a professional fitness instructor at Inspire Fitness Studio. As per the Studio’s website, the 29-year-old fitness trainer’s bio reads;

“His motivation to be an instructor is to help others and himself to stay in shape as he enjoys being in a team-oriented environment. It is also where he feels comfortable to be himself.

Looking at his online website, Fitness is not only the career he has been through. Darius Jackson has pursued multiple sports in his career. He earned a football scholarship to Fresno State University at an early age. He also dug his way into the sports media, which led him to grab the certificate in broadcasting.

His fitness career spans six years now. As an ambitious person, Jackson sees himself in the film and television industry anytime soon. His past work at KBCH Internet Radio in 2017, Lawndale City TV in 2018, and iHeartMedia as a promotion assistant in 2019 and 2020 sums it all up.

He is also active on YouTube, where he handles a self-titled channel. The channel has over 20k subscribers, with around 28 videos on it.

Darius Jackson’s Relationship With Keke Palmer

From the moment they first crossed paths in 2021, it was evident that these two shared a special connection. However, their love story is far from conventional. According to reports, Palmer and Jackson have experienced their fair share of ups and downs, going from being madly in love to deleting every trace of their romance from their Instagram accounts. Talk about a wild ride!

But amidst the turbulence, there have been moments of pure adoration that have melted our hearts. In a now-deleted post from August 2021, Jackson showered Palmer affectionately on her birthday while publicly announcing their relationship. He wrote;

“Never would have expected summer 2021 to turn out the way it did, but here we are. I’m glad we were able to help each other throughout our lowest of times & show one another that what we are bringing to the table is everything that we got.” 

It was a declaration of love that resonated with fans across the nation.

Palmer, known for her guarded nature, opened up about why she decided to share their love story with the world, despite her inclination towards privacy. It was a bold move that showcased the depth of their connection and the courage it takes to embrace vulnerability.

Fast forward to December 2022, when Palmer surprised the world with a momentous revelation during her hosting gig on “Saturday Night Live.” With a mischievous grin, she announced to the audience;

“People have been in my comments saying ‘Keke’s having a baby, Keke’s pregnant.’ And I want to set the record straight — I am!” 

As the crowd erupted in applause, Palmer unveiled her baby bump, a symbol of the purest joy and excitement she felt for the impending arrival of their little one.

While Palmer initially kept the identity of her baby’s father under wraps, she eventually mentioned Jackson during a heartfelt episode of her podcast, “Baby, This Is Keke Palmer.” She recounted how Jackson stumbled upon a positive pregnancy test in their trash, leading to the realization that they were about to embark on a beautiful journey of parenthood. It was a tale that showcased the innocence and unpredictability of life’s surprises.

In late February 2023, the moment they eagerly anticipated arrived as Palmer and Jackson welcomed their son, Leodis Andrellton Jackson, into the world. Overflowing with love and joy, they proudly shared the baby’s name and adorable photos on Instagram, capturing the hearts of their followers.

Just a few months later, in June, Palmer again took to social media to honor Jackson on his first Father’s Day. With a sweet Instagram post, she proclaimed him the “best dad ever,” a testament to the bond they had formed as they navigated the uncharted waters of parenthood together.

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