Morgan Bauer Missing | What Happened To Her? Warren Arrested And Charges Updates

The missing Morgan Bauer case has resurfaced due to a fresh development in which two persons have been arrested. Here’s another update on the missing person situation.

Morgan Bauer, a 19-year-old female from Minneapolis, Minnesota, went missing in February 2016. Bauer has been missing for more than six years and has yet to be discovered.

Every member of her family is concerned as a result, but they remain hopeful that Bauer will be found. Aside from that, the investigation into Bauer’s disappearance continues.

A fresh development in the case recently came as a modicum of relief to the family, as two persons were detained in connection with Morgan’s disappearance.

Morgan Bauer Missing | What Happened To Her?

Morgan Bauer has not been discovered as of 2023, however there is a fresh development in her missing case. Two people have been detained in connection with Morgan’s disappearance.

According to a police report, the investigation into the missing Bauer is still ongoing, and officers are trying their best. She also vanished shortly after moving from South Dakota to Atlanta in February 2016.

As previously said, her family remains hopeful that their daughter will be located soon. Morgan’s mother, Sherri Keenan, recently stated that she would not give up until she learned the answers to her daughter’s disappearance.

Morgan Bauer Missing Case: Warren Arrested With Three Felonies Charges

As previously stated, a new update on the disappearance of Morgan Bauer has been released. According to reports, two people named Katelyn Goble and Johnathan Alexander Warren have been arrested.

Warren was arrested on various charges in Los Angeles, California. He is charged with murder, aggravated assault, covering up a death, and tampering with evidence, according to reports.

Goble, on the other hand, was arrested in Peoria, IL, on allegations of concealing a death and tampering with evidence.

The FBI, GBI, and Porterdale Police Department performed a large search of a property on South Broad Street on July 27, 2023. They obtained a search warrant after being directed to that property by new evidence.

Is Morgan Bauer Alive or Dead?

It is still unknown if Morgan Bauer is dead or alive. She’s been gone since 2016 and has yet to be discovered. She disappeared after moving from South Dakota to Atlanta.

Bauer was last seen near a park in Porterdale, according to a report, before going missing two weeks later. Morgan’s friends and family last communicated with her on February 25.

Police suspect the young child was murdered and her corpse was dumped. Bauer was also said to have had her ears gauged and her lip pierced twice. 

She also has multiple tattoos, including a sun moon inside a Celtic design near her right shoulder. 

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