Remembering Daniel Hegarty Death: Where Is Soldier B Now?

The Death of Daniel Hegarty has ignited curiosity among internet users. Allegedly, Soldier B, a former serviceman linked to Daniel Hegarty’s tragic demise, has also passed away, raising questions about the case’s resolution.

In the early hours of July 31, 1972, a 15-year-old laborer named Daniel Hegarty encountered an Army patrol in Londonderry’s Creggan neighborhood, resulting in him being fatally shot twice in the head.

Expressing their discontent, Daniel’s family received the news of Soldier B’s demise, who had faced the possibility of being prosecuted for murder.

In 2021, the Public Prosecution Service had initially decided not to charge Soldier B, a decision that Daniel’s family contested. In August, the Court of Appeal overturned this decision.

Daniel’s family made a public statement on Tuesday, revealing they had been informed of Soldier B’s passing on the preceding Thursday.

The news of Daniel Hegarty’s death has resurfaced, and we invite you to stay with us for more updates on this matter.

Remembering Daniel Hegarty’s Death: Where Is Soldier B Now?

A former soldier suspected of being involved in the death of a young boy in Londonderry over half a century ago has recently passed away.

The family of Daniel Hegarty, who tragically lost his life in July 1972, was informed by the Public Prosecution Service (PPS) on Friday about the demise of the veteran, also known as “Soldier B,” which occurred on Thursday.

Daniel Hegarty

Soldier B found himself in legal jeopardy on July 31, 1972, during the British Army’s Operation Motorman in the Creggan neighborhood of the city. This operation aimed to reclaim areas reportedly controlled by republican paramilitaries in various Northern Ireland towns and cities.

In July 2021, the PPS decided to drop charges against the soldier. However, in August 2023, after the Hegarty family initiated legal action, the Court of Appeal overturned this decision.

On Tuesday, the Hegarty family criticized the PPS for prolonging the legal proceedings, stating that they took no satisfaction in Soldier B’s passing. A spokesperson remarked, “It was a lengthy and arduous journey of nearly 15 years of litigation to compel them to prosecute Soldier B for the death of a child, something they were reluctant to do from the outset.”

Daniel Hegarty Death All Informations

Stephen Herron, the director of public prosecutions, emphasized that once a defendant dies, any potential prosecution related to them ends.

He strongly denied any accusations of the PPS engaging in actions detrimental to the administration of justice or attempting to improperly halt or delay Soldier B’s prosecution.

Acknowledging the difficult time the Hegarty family has endured while seeking a resolution in Daniel Hegarty’s case for decades, he expressed understanding.

He continued by describing the complexities and challenges in making decisions regarding the Soldier B case. Mr. Herron pointed out that various relevant evidential and public interest factors had further complicated matters. He also mentioned that the prolonged legal processes had caused additional distress to the Hegarty family, leading to multiple judicial review challenges.

Colum Eastwood, an MP representing Foyle, commended the Hegarty family for their dignified response to this development. According to the SDLP leader he emphasized that nobody had emerged as a victor in this situation and reiterated that families like the Hegartys deserved justice and the truth.

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