Sehaj Arora Suicide Rumors After Kulhad Pizza Couple Video Gone Viral

The disclosure of the Kulhad Pizza couple video and online allegations of Sehaj Arora’s suicide have become widespread. In this article, you can learn more details.

The celebrity Sehaj Arora has a large following across many social media platforms. She has gained notoriety for co-owning a company with her husband, Gurpreet Kaur.

The couple, known as the Kulhad Pizaa Couple, has recently been the topic of conversation. Everything began when their purportedly private film was exposed.

The trending video has thrust the pair into the debate, and numerous rumors are also being spread via online sources.

Recently, a new rumor about Sehaj’s suicide has gone viral, shocking everyone.

Sehaj Arora Suicide Rumors Goes Viral

Online suicide allegations about Sehaj Arora gained popularity when she and her husband appeared in a popular video.

According to reports, the Kulhad Pizaa Couple was seen sharing a private moment.

Sehaj Arora

According to reports, a lady who allegedly worked at Arora’s renowned pizza shop and was sacked for her subpar performance shared their purported private footage. Sehaj and her husband are receiving trolling due to the leaked video, and their names have been connected to numerous rumors.

Another subject involving Arora’s suicide attempt has recently gained attention online.

There is no truth to it, and reputable media outlets have not provided information about it.

Therefore, it is thought that the trending topic may have spread without any

Where Is Sehaj Arora After Kulhad Pizza Couple Video?

After her viral video, Sehaj Arora has avoided the media. In addition, Gurpreet Kaur, her husband, posted some videos regarding the trending issue on Instagram.

The two claim the trending video is phony and have refuted the ongoing rumors. Even some sources have asserted that AI created the video. Recently, the parents of the Kulhad Pizza couple claimed they were preoccupied and unaware of the viral video’s existence.

Sehaj has over 1 million followers on Instagram and goes by the handle @sehaj_arora_. On the other hand, her husband Gurpreet is registered as @kaurgeous_roop.

Sehaj Arora Leaked Video Update

Due to their film being released, Sehaj Arora and her husband, Gurpreet Kaur, have pleaded for assistance from others.

It has been claimed that the viral video was altered and the product of an extortion attempt.

Arora, upset, issued a second request, pleading with people to stop sharing the video. The pair’s videos have already received a large number of views. According to a recent story, a woman who worked in the couple’s shop distributed the footage.

According to Arora, the woman demanded a ransom to keep the private film a secret.

Many individuals have expressed their opinions about the issue, and it is assumed that the pair may reveal more.

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